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Waste2Tricity is a structured solutions provider to the energy-from-waste (EfW) sector. The EfW sector generates low carbon electricity from waste.

From inception Waste2Tricity's vision has been clear; the company aims to profitably participate in the emergence of the ‘low carbon economy’ by reconciling commercial and conservation agendas. This is to be achieved by adopting the most efficient proven conversion technologies available today and future proofing projects by obtaining access to the technologies of tomorrow. A commitment to deliver today's technology - future proofed resonates with the EfW sector and helps position the company to collaborate with industry leaders to develop, support and invest in pioneering EfW deployment projects.

Waste2Tricity focuses on deployment projects which aim to adopt proven high temperature gasification technologies and proven internal combustion engines/gas turbines (ICEs/GTs) to generate energy-from-waste. Waste2Tricity considers this to be the most efficient and proven combination of conversion technologies currently available. More about our technology »

The company also advances development programmes to maximise long term profitability; by adopting the proven high temperature gasification processes, projects can be future proofed. These facilities are planned to be Fuel Cell Ready and thus Carbon Capture Ready. They are perfectly positioned to utilise new-generation developmental technology as it becomes commercially available.

Waste2Tricity has selected AFC Energy's fuel cell system as having the greatest potential to be the most efficient, low cost technology for generating electrical power from gasified waste. Waste2Tricity is working with AFC through its Beta testing phase and has earmarked £1 million for investment in the AFC fuel cell. A significant down payment has been made and exclusive rights to multiple territories secured.

Waste2Tricity is currently working on two deployment projects and one development programme. The company is seeking equity financing to develop its consortium deployment programme. More about this and other projects »

Potential investors please contact us here: investor.relations@waste2tricity.com

The Plan for Success

Waste2Tricity advances deployment projects that will be proven, profitable and progressive:

  • Proven
    Waste2Tricity's programmes implement a combination of commercially available, proven technologies. Waste2Tricity ensures these technologies are selected for maximum efficiency.
  • Profitable
    The proven technology proposed to be deployed can be accurately costed. Accordingly a profitable model can be derived. Engineering expenditure can be limited and exposure controlled through agreed gain and risk sharing by adopting a Target Cost contract with a suitable Engineering Procurement Construction contractor.
  • Progressive
    Environmentally progressive - Waste2Tricity focuses on high efficiency generation of low carbon electricity from MSW thereby playing a major role in the reduction of waste to landfill.

    Technologically progressive - Waste2Tricity's programmes are compatible with the technology of tomorrow such as new generation alkaline fuel cells. Waste2Tricity facilities will be Fuel Cell Ready, Carbon Capture Ready and Hydrogen Economy Ready.

The Board

John Hall - Acting Chairman & Managing Director
John has senior experience of commercial management and marketing gained across a wide range of technology based sectors, having begun his career with The Boots Company within the pharmaceutical division. He was a consultant to W2T since the company was set up and was appointed Managing Director in 2009 and recently completed negotiations with AFC Energy plc for an exclusive UK licence foe waste based applications of AFC's alkaline fuel cells.

Howard White - Deputy Chairman
Howard has been involved in a portfolio of businesses and investments over the last thirty-five years, including forming AFC Energy Ltd and floating the company on AIM - White family trusts are still major shareholders. He formed Waste2tricity Ltd in 2008, initially to develop green hydrogen production from waste feedstocks.

Keith Riley - Non Executive Director
Keith has wide experience in recycling & waste senior management as well as with blue-chip engineering companies such as Babcock and Rolls-Royce. Keith holds degrees in engineering from Queen Mary College, University of London and social sciences from the Open University. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Member of the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management and is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer.

PK Thummukgool - Thailand Project Director
PK has a degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Leeds and a family background in land development in Thailand, her knowledge of the local market conditions is a major benefit in establishing the Thai subsidiary.

David Ryan - FIET, FIE, C.Eng, MBA, B.Sc
David has followed a 35-year career, as CEO and Project Director in operational and development roles in capital intensive projects in the energy and oil and gas sector. He has spent periods in energy companies, energy consulting and EPC contractor project organisations and has experience of all stages of project delivery from initiation to operation. With a successful entrepreneurial background, he was a founder and Managing Director of Energy & Power Consultants and until recently was MD of ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions Oil & Gas.