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Waste2Tricity in Thailand & SE Asia

Waste2tricity Ltd, directly and through its majority owned subsidiary Waste2tricity International (Thailand) Ltd, is planning deployment projects in Thailand, Japan, Indonesia and Korea.

  • TURNING OFF THE TAP – stopping plastic going into the oceans
  • South East Asia – major problems with plastic waste on land and reaching the sea/ocean
  • Many countries short of electricity
  • FIT's exist that would create an attractive electric model in Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and others
  • Japan sees hydrogen as an important part of its future energy mix
  • These FITs will enable W2T to pay for waste plastic rather than charge a gate fee
  • Monitising of plastic by being able to pay locals $40–50 a ton for plastic creates employment, local electricity and diverts plastic from reaching rivers and seas
  • Diversion is simpler and cheaper than cleaning up!
  • Read a review of why turning off the tap makes economic sense